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Kev Sakoda - 3 Fonzies, Vol 1

Press play. Be cool.

Kev Sakoda - Preem Clientele

A definitive DJ Premier production retrospective.

Kev Sakoda - The Quarantine Cookbook

Come on in and check out what's on the menu!

Kev Sakoda - Old Head Energy Mixtape

A little something for your 2019 summertime vibe.

Kev Sakoda - The Downlow Mixtape v.10

The official return of The Downlow Mixtape!

Kev Sakoda - Bad Haircut Reminiscence Mix

Your 2018 grown-folks sure shot BBQ mix...

Into The Morning Mix

The perfect way to end your evening or start tomorrow...

Too Much HipHop...The Mixtape

The soundtrack to your "grown-folks" spring/summer season!!!

A Day In Brooklyn - Video Beat Tape, Vol 1

First installment in the "Video Beat Tape" series, along with FREE Soundtrack download.

Another Night Out With Kev Sakoda MixCD

The brand new club-mix hot off the presses...guaranteed party starter!!!

Downlow Mixtape 2011

New volume in the classic Downlow Mixtape series...showcasing some of 2010's best Underground HipHop.

Updated "Production" Area

Cool out for a minute and listen to some of my original creations.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Kev Sakoda - Preem Clientele

Explicit Lyrics
Clean Edited


Initially, I just wanted a mixtape to listen to while exercising. This little project quickly morphed into a full-fledged tribute to one of my favorite hiphop producers in the game. You can just press "play" and fly across the country from departure gate to baggage claim uninterrupted.



Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Kev Sakoda - The Quarantine Cookbook



A year ago with no place to go and little else to do, I took up the Joy of Cooking, and started whipping up these delectable treats. They are equal parts r&b and hiphop, with a dash of classic breaks as a tasty amuse-bouche. Enjoy!

D'Angelo, KRS-ONE, & DJ Premier - The Appetizer
Tweet, Jay-Z, & Just Blaze - Solitude Summer Breeze
Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, & Just Blaze - Sweetest Tea
Sade & DITC - Day One Taboo
Brandy, Lil Kim, Carlos Broady, & Nashiem Myrick - Breakfast Fit For Queens
Carl Thomas, Dr Dre, Mel Man, & Scott Storch - Champagne Wishes
Case, Foxy Brown, Fabolous, & Just Blaze - A Touch Of NaNa
Erykah Badu, Common, & Large Professor - Feelin' Kinda Hungry
Levert, Redman, & Erick Sermon - Chicken Casanova
Mary J Blige, Nas, & Q-Tip - A Real One
Marvin Gaye, Jay Dee, KRS-ONE, NWA, Public Enemy - Pork Chops
Maxwell, Furious Five, Ice Cube, Das EFX, & DJ Muggs - Chickity-Check Please
Soul II Soul, MOP, & DR Period - 2 Piece With A Biscuit
Christopher Williams, BIG, & Easy Mo Bee - Caviar Dreams
New Edition & The Beatnuts - Happiness & Love
Beyonce, Jay-Z, NWA, Dr Dre, & DJ Yella - Love & Crazy
Guy, Special Ed, & Howie Tee - Sugar...You Know I Love It
Michael Jackson & Souls Of Mischief - Memory Booster
Luther Vandross & Organized Konfusion - Stress Reducer
Hall & Oates, UMC's, & RNS - Almost Anything But Oats
Cherrelle, Alexander O'Neal, & Black Sheep - Daily Special
Michael Jackson & Mos Def - aMos-Bouche



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