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Kev Sakoda - 3 Fonzies, Vol 1

Press play. Be cool.

Kev Sakoda - Preem Clientele

A definitive DJ Premier production retrospective.

Kev Sakoda - The Quarantine Cookbook

Come on in and check out what's on the menu!

Kev Sakoda - Old Head Energy Mixtape

A little something for your 2019 summertime vibe.

Kev Sakoda - The Downlow Mixtape v.10

The official return of The Downlow Mixtape!

Kev Sakoda - Bad Haircut Reminiscence Mix

Your 2018 grown-folks sure shot BBQ mix...

Into The Morning Mix

The perfect way to end your evening or start tomorrow...

Too Much HipHop...The Mixtape

The soundtrack to your "grown-folks" spring/summer season!!!

A Day In Brooklyn - Video Beat Tape, Vol 1

First installment in the "Video Beat Tape" series, along with FREE Soundtrack download.

Another Night Out With Kev Sakoda MixCD

The brand new club-mix hot off the presses...guaranteed party starter!!!

Downlow Mixtape 2011

New volume in the classic Downlow Mixtape series...showcasing some of 2010's best Underground HipHop.

Updated "Production" Area

Cool out for a minute and listen to some of my original creations.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Downlow (1/22/2011) [FINAL SHOW!!!]

The Downlow (1/22/2011)
Download/Listen Here: http://fblz.in/FskM

So...irony of ironies...

I sent out that diatribe last week about how long I've been on the air, and then literally a couple days later I got word from the station that I won't have a slot this semester (which starts officially next week). Hopefully I'll get back on the air in the summer, but until then I'll be taking a little holiday. For my last show, which will air live this coming Saturday, I've put together a special send-off including some of the exclusive joints I've produced/recorded though the years (including freestyles by Dead Prez, Afu-Ra, Casual, Little Brother, Beatnuts, and more), pieces of the new mixtape, along with some new music from the homies...see playlist below.

If you're not in the LA-area, you can catch the show live via iTunes this Saturday (5PM west-coast time). You can also stream/download the show HERE.

Check back for new mixtapes, as well as news on when we may be back on the air. Thanks!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Downlow (1/15/2011) [RE-AIRING]

Note: This afternoon's show was a repeat airing of the episode that originally aired 12/4/2010.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Downlow Mixtape 2011


2011 begins what I believe is my 20TH YEAR on the air at KSPC 88.7FM in Claremont, Cali. I say, "I believe" because ever since my boy Fuzz brought me to the station to assist with "The Downlow" way back when, I've stopped saying the year (remember what Tip said...yeah, the real Tip). From that point on, I've been lucky enough to help introduce some of the world's best HipHop artists, working with the homies Phyz.Ed, J-Free, and DJ Hyphen along the way.

In the mid-late 90's, Phyz.Ed and I started making mixtapes (when they were really still cassettes). We sold them hand-to-hand at the legendary club UNITY all around Los Angeles (maximum respect to Bigga B & Orlando). The principle always remained the same...good music actually blended together with some skill...not just disposable amateur compilations.

The intervening years have brought many changes to HipHop culture and the art of mixtape DJing (or lack thereof). Rather than complain about what I don't dig, I'd prefer to keep playing the type of music I like, for the type of people who still like to hear it. This mix isn't really a "Best of 2010" (who the hell am I to tell you what's best to you?), but it definitely represents a small slice of the joints I enjoyed rocking during the year. I hope you can pop it in your virtual-deck and make that hour of your life a little more enjoyable.


P.S. Big thanks to TREK LIFE (and family) for the shouts. "Everything Changed Nothing," "New Money," "Price I've Paid" and more available for heads to purchase and suckas to steal.


Note: If your browser has a Flash blocker plug-in, you may need to allow access from "www.thefuture.fm" to stream.

Download .zip, includes artwork w/tracklist...
LINK - http://www.mediafire.com/?8alrat8acu8p35p


Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Downlow (1/8/2011) [RE-AIRING]

Note: This afternoon's show was a repeat airing of the episode that originally aired 11/27/2010.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Downlow (1/1/2011) [RE-AIRING]

Note: This afternoon's show was a repeat airing of the episode that originally aired 11/20/2010.

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